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Shimon V. Treatment of traumatic osteomyelitisis is a significant economic and social problem, because suffer mostly patients of working age.

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Special attention attract, in our opinion, patients with traumatic osteomyelitis in the background of iodine deficiency.

The purpose of the study: To improve the results of treatment of traumatic osteomyelitis in patients with iodine deficiency by adding complex of therapeutic activities using a laser focus on source of destruction and impact a vállízület legfeljebb 1 fokára bloodstream.

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Material and methods. Study materials covered the group of patients treated from post-traumatic osteomyelitis during the period years at the clinic of traumatology- orthopaedics Transcarpathian Regional Hospital named by A.

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Was performed the analysis of medical history in patients. Also analyzed the results of treatment, both surgical and low-invasive with the use of high-and low-intensity laser radiation in 80 patients, which constituted the main group of studing in treatment of which standard, conventional measures were complemented by methods of own methodology, which studied in Institute "Injuries " and includes catheterization a.

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Accordingly, in the complex treatment of 60 patients in the control group who received the conventional treatment, the following scope: sanitation source of purulent-necrotic process sequestrectomy, necrosectomyantibacterial, detoxification and vascular therapy, conducted by intravenous, intraarterial puncture and intramuscular mothods, intraarterial manipulation and laser techniques were not used, it was used in control group.

Sowing excretion from the wound or source inflammatory made exclusively for all patients, the results shown in the diagram below.

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At the present time, there are many strains of microorganisms that are not sensitive to most antibacterial preparations [10 ]. The nature of the microbial flora that sown from patients was typical [4, 7, 1014] and included staphylococci In We have proposed expanding range of medicines to patients, after repeated treatment without the desired effect and with the consent of the patient, they was transferred to the main group of study.

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The research results As a result of the treatment was observed acceleration of the dynamics of wound healing in patients of main group, that was shown by shorten terms of cleaning wounds, the appear of granulation and a vállízület legfeljebb 1 fokára beginning.

Postoperative wound heal by secondary tention within days.

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Radiologically ascertain accelerate bone regeneration. Positive dynamics of endotoxemia, iodine mint kezelni wound healing, increase the body's protection power in patients on post-traumatic osteomyelitis of bones of the lower limbs led also to a reduction of patients' stay in hospital - from 38,6 ± 2,8 bed-days in the control group, where used the conventional treatment, till 22,4 ± 3,2 bed-days in the study group, where used the described method.

Conclusions Using the methods of treatment of post-traumatic osteomyelitis of the long bones of the lower limbs with using the regional infusion and the wide use of high-and low-intensity laser radiation makes it possible to stop the progression of purulent destructive process in bone and soft tissues or completely eliminate of injury center, can achieve rapid bone sanation, fistulas moves and source of purulent necrotic a vállízület legfeljebb 1 fokára of soft tissue, accelerate the dynamics of wound healing and regeneration of bone, reduce endotoxemia, improve immune status of the organism and normalize iodine balance, gives significantly faster treatment time, and ordering iodine preparations gives corrective trends in the treatment of traumatic osteomyelitis in patients from mountainous regions.

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Our research require more in-depth and follow-up observations.